THIS is exactly what I want in a man

Remember this guy that was making the YouTube rounds last year?

Well check out this blog entry from my new favorite guy on the Internet.

Highlights of my favorite parts:

One of my biggest pet peeves is a girl who is not probably groomed on all parts of her body. If you are a hot girl, then it is imperative that everything is shaved, or clean to the point that there is minimal hair. I have had many experiences with beautiful women where they have been amazing looking (especially Internationally), but upon further investigation they are not properly groomed, and I have actually stopped in the middle of the act.

-Jen’s note: I believe he may mean “a girl who is not properly” he’s just too awesome to notice his mistakes.

The reason I started thinking about this is because today while at the doctor getting my blood work taken for my blood sugar and next month of Accutane, the woman taking my blood at Quest Diagnostics had a visible mustache. I actually felt uncomfortable having her take my blood because of this, and I contemplated mentioning to her that I wanted a new nurse.


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