Remember that what you believe will depend very much on what you are.

I Believe…

-that good manners are a dying art yet the simplest way to get what you want, make someones day or be the better person.

-that a long walk is great for your health… both body and mind.

-that you’re never too old to need your parents sometimes.

-narcissistic people are incredibly horrible conversationalists.

-that who I wanted to be at 30 is much different than who I will be at 30. And I’m completely fine with that.

-that dogs are more intuitive then they let on.

-shoes are a good enough reason to indulge on a bad day.

-that we should be free to love whom we want no matter what. The heart wants what the heart wants.

-shallowness is a step to self-destruction.

-music has the power to heal you, make you happy, make you sad or bring you back to your childhood.

-that bare feet in grass on a sunny day is perfection.

-in embracing the bad and focusing on the good.

-in the human spirit, human mind and the human race.

-in hope.

-that cupcakes are not just for kids.

-that everyone has the power to hurt you, it just matters how much we let them and if we’re willing to forgive them.

-you can’t forgive without forgetting.

-we are responsible for our actions.

-that sometimes we don’t need someone to talk to, but someone to listen.

-that positivity makes you a person I want to be around. It also makes me the person others want to be around.

-negativity is exhausting, both to listen to and to hang on to.

-in being a descent human being.

-that being a Canadian does not mean I like maple flavors, beer or Avril Lavigne


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