Ode to Fleetwood Mac

Alternate titles considered for this blog entry that didn’t quite make it:
-The smoke didn’t make for a 30 minute break this time around
-Learn something from these folks, young artists
-Making my dreams come true
-Can these guys play or what?

I’ve blogged in the past about Fleetwood Mac. I was in Italy when they first announced the show here and much to my dismay my family or friends could not get tickets to the show (blame Ticketmaster and their tendency to redirect people to their auction site. Oh and the $300 prices). I was checking ticketsnow for tickets for weeks and was willing to go by myself if need be. I managed to wrangle James into going and he got the brilliant idea to check Craigslist the day of, he found a guy selling for $90 and after we met him at his hairdressers to pick them up, I guess I’m lucky I brought James along since my plan to buy from scalpers wouldn’t have worked, this must have been the first concert I have been to that they didn’t have people selling scalpers outside. Seriously, people were looking for tickets rather than looking to sell.

We got to GM Place and I’ll admit there was a little bit of nerves on my side, buying from Craigslist could be tricky, because how do we know that our tickets, that were a printout, were real? I resolved myself to thinking that they were most likely real, the guy who sold them seemed really nice, plus we also had his phone number and knew where he got his hair done. But I definetly recommend buying from Craigslist, especially waiting until the day of. We spent $90 for awesome tickets (upper level but directly across from the stage, 9th row), paid no service charges, and didn’t have to haggle with scalpers. On the other hand, if we used ticketsnow I would have paid $80 each, plus the service charges and shipping, all of this in US dollars. And none of those seats for $80 were as good as ours, not to mention that I wasn’t at home all day and thereby unsure of where I could get them fedex’d to. So I recommend Craigslist, but for obvious reasons, be leery, but at the same time, I think for the most part the people can be trusted. Especially if they give you their phone number and after looking at the tickets further, the name of the purchaser was on them, it all seemed legit, trust your gut, if they seem like they’re tricking you, they probably are.

But anyways, this isn’t supposed to be about Craigslist and scalping and ticketsnow.

I’ve loved Fleetwood Mac for a long time. James on the other hand didn’t really know much about them but walked away a believer. I had to go to this concert, they’re on my top 5 of favorite bands and the one concert I’ve always wanted to see.

Here’s my thing about Fleetwood Mac, why I love them so, it’s because not only is their music great, but they’ve lasted so long. The band has a lot of inner turmoil, they originally started as a 5-piece, right now they are 4 (Christine McVie has opted out of the band), they consist of 3 guys (Buckingham, McVie and Fleetwood) and 1 woman (the fabulous Stevie Nicks). Back in the 70’s Nicks and Buckingham dated for many years, Christine McVie and John McVie were married. Being the 70’s drugs were prevalent as was cheating on their respective partners/band mates and eventually tensions broke them up. When both the couples broke up around the same time as each other, the band was on the verge of breaking up as well, but as they were in the height of their success, they stuck together, went to the studio and wrote and recorded one of the greatest records of all time. Rumors is highly regarded by music critics as one of the best albums ever, it’s amazingly written and the music is timeless. I think why it holds up and why people love it so much is that it’s got raw emotion on there, as they were writing it the band hated each other, they were breaking up, they were taking drugs and emotions were at a high. The songs were written about each other, for example Go Your Own Way (best break up song ever in my opinion) was written by Lindsey Buckingham, he wrote this about his break up with Stevie Nicks. Wikipedia says:

Buckingham wrote this song with regard to his bandmate Stevie Nicks, with whom he had just ended a romantic relationship. It describes their breakup, with the most obvious line being, “Packing up, shacking up is all you want to do.” Nicks insisted she never shacked up with anyone when they were together, and wanted Lindsey to take out the line, but he refused

You feel the raw emotion as you listen to the album. Each song is like a time capsule for what they felt at the time. I love that not only were they able to write about their break ups and put those emotions on an album, but they were able to make their ex-partners sing and play instruments on them. Most people breaking up would want nothing more than to forget those people and never see them again, instead these guys wrote about it, made them sing/play it, and toured with it for years. Then continued to play these and record other songs together for many years.

Bands today wouldn’t think of doing this. They break up or go solo at the height of their success. Drugs rip them apart. Relationships are considered toxic in a band. These guys not only survived the struggles and all the trouble in the band, they’ve gotten together to tour and continue to record for years. And what is even a bigger testament to that, what makes me believe it’s not just a ploy for money, is that they genuinely want to tour. They gave it their all on the stage and seemed to really want to be there to share the music. They don’t have a new album, they’re not promoting anything, they just realize there was a desire for them to tour and went out and did it. They sounded great, their voices hold up and I love when I go to a concert and they sound the way that they do on the CD. I have no other way of describing it than saying that I loved every second of it. I would have paid $300 for it, because it was genuinely entertaining (they were on stage for over 2 hours!), and they were able to prove that they are still extremely talented.


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