These are my confessions…

-last week I gave my hair a trim. Partly because it’s been 9 months since I went to a salon and it needed it, partly because I’m growing it out and every single time I go to a salon and tell them to trim a bit they chop a lot and also because I’m too cheap and lazy to make the appointment, wait for it and go. It did not turn out horribly as I thought it would, it actually has been ok. This by the way is a big development because I’m obsessed with my hair and fear anyone coming near it with scissors.

-I dropped an ice cube on the floor, it sailed across the floor, I then picked it up and put it in my vodka cranberry, because I knew that the vodka would kill all germs

-I drank alcohol, I said I would stop drinking for my so-called “healthier lifestyle”

-my dog did her business while we went for a walk today, she never, ever does this. Because this is unusual I don’t carry bags, so I left it where it was.

-I probably would have left it anyways, because picking up dog doo isn’t exactly on my list of favorite things to do.

-I lie to my students sometimes about meanings of words or why we do certain things in English. Like I know why we spell it eating instead of eatting. English is a crazy language, deal with is.

-I rode the skytrain last week without a pass or paying to ride. I forgot my wallet in my gym bag and got on the train and drove home the car without my license or my transit pass.

-Sometimes I get really, really annoyed when people talk about themselves all the time. I just can’t be bothered to care at all times

-I want to reconnect with some people but am afraid of having to explain myself

-I’m reconsidering my future for the billionth time

-I want to move back to Vancouver, but I’m not sure when that’s going to happen

-I hate being questioned, stop asking me questions, sometimes it just needs to be left alone.

-I’m in love with audiobooks, I listen to them on the skytrain during my daily transit

-I watch “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here” so what?

-Wipeout is one of the funniest shows on TV

-I question why all TV shows and movies having to do with asteroids always include the US saving the planet, the US is always the place where the asteroid will hit, why is that? Is it that the Hollywood producers and writers think that they’re the most obvious target or that they think that the US is the only one to save us?

-I haven’t been to actual confession in about 15 years, but this is ok since I don’t consider myself a catholic

-I’ve been considering my whole idea on religion lately and quite frankly realized I lean more towards the agnostic or atheist side. I kind of envy those who can believe.

-I’m trying to write something of substance but I’m having troubles with self-motivation.


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