Boom Boom POW

Ok, so you know blogger Perez Hilton? He’s the self-named “Queen of all Media” that bullies stars one minute and sucks up to them another when it suits his own publicity seeking needs? The only guy who does not make fun of Paris Hilton because for some reason the two are friends. He’s the one that out’s stars because for some reason he believes that everyone needs to be shot out of the closet in the media before they even tell their family. He’s also the one that will turn into the bitchiest chick on the block when someone throws around racial slurs like faggot or using the term gay in a derogatory way. Most stars generally do not like the guy, his so-called celebrity friends are generally the reality TV, attention whore type that will do anything for attention.

Last night he was apparently at the Much Music Awards and at an after party got into a fight with the Black Eyed Peas, reportedly said he did not want Perez talking about them anymore and that he wanted his respect, Perez responded with “You know what, I don’t respect you and you’re gay and stop being such a faggot.” (Read the whole article here)

What the hell gives him the right to call him that when you know if someone else had said this to, or anyone else, Perez would be ripping them apart on his blog. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

I cannot stand Perez, his blog has turned from what was once an entertaining gossip blog to a completely self-indulgent publicity stunt to further his own celebrity. The guy is vicious and horrible to everyone, he deserves no respect and it disgusts me that “celebs” suck up to him.

To make matters worse, their manager punched Perez and he took to his twitter account to announce it before he called the cops or filed a report. His twitter was more important than actually filing the police report. Ugh, media whore at it’s worse.

Violence isn’t really the answer, but you know what, I’m glad someone finally gave him what was coming towards him.


One thought on “Boom Boom POW

  1. totally agree. who tweets before calling the police…especially if you're in real trouble. Perez went down in my books.

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