Everyday create your history, every path you take you’re leaving your legacy.

-History, Michael Jackson

When I first heard of MJ’s death I wasn’t sure what to think, I’m a fan of his early stuff, all the stuff by the Jackson 5 is great and the early 80’s stuff will go down as some of the greatest music ever.  I mourn that Michael Jackson, who he became I try to ignore and remember the legacy of music and the awesome dance moves that he showed us.  I’ll miss all the good times had with his music and I remember all the great moments that his music gave me:

  • The first music video I remember watching was Thriller, the dancing, the zombies, the jacket, it was all so cool and I tried my hardest to copy it. I never did.
  • Billie Jean is the ultimate dance song, you hear that in a club and everyone is on the floor dancing up a storm.
  • I remember staying up to watch premieres of the video’s Remember the Time and Black or White.
  • Kim used to dance around our apartment on Davie dancing to Jackson 5 hits while I laughed at her in her tired, exam exhaustion state

Jackson was definitely one the best dancers and songwriters. Without him we would not have Justin, Usher or many of the other singers of today.  Without the Jackson 5 we would probably never had New Edition, New Kids or any of the other boy bands.

His legacy and influence will live forever and hopefully that will be what is remembered rather than the tabloids and news stories about the demons he faced in later years.

I think what makes me saddest though is the idea that he most likely died alone.  Aside from his children he was a fairly lonely guy, the only “friends” he had were those that were there to make a quick buck off of him.  He had handlers and people, but essentially he had no one that truly loved him or that he could love.  No one to talk to in the way that I’m sure he could not talk to just anyone, the feeling that any other person has with their best friend or family, something we perhaps take for granted.

One thing I admire him for was his determination to keep his children shielded from the limelight. Sure, it was odd to see them in sugrical or carnival masks on or to see them walking around covered by blankets, but how many of us could tell you what his kids look like?  In a world where stars are willing to make money from their children’s first pictures or use them as paparazzi targets for easy publicity, he never traded them in for that, and if we’re to believe the headlines of bankruptcy, it seems like he could have benefited from a People Magazine photo-shoot.  Maybe it was the fact that he grew up in the limelight and knew what the public attention could do to a child he wanted to shield them.  Or maybe it was another one of his eccentricities.  I prefer to think that he had learned some things from his sad rise from child stardom to the freak we made him out to be in recent years.

Whatever it is you choose to remember him by it is undeniable that the guy was talented.  He’s records are some of the top records of all time and his influence will remain on the music industry for years to come.


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