Happy Halloween

Thoughts I had while handing candy out this Hallows-eve….

  • Kids these days are pathetic. Back in my day our costumes were creative and usually homemade. They were awesome. These kids throw on a mask or a witch hat and think they’re deserving of a mini coffee crisp.
  • Mocking the older kids for going out without a costume is the fun part
  • When I picked out my doorbell I didn’t think to imagine how it would sound being played over and over again. One time and it’s like you’re being called back from intermission at a musical or play. Many times in a row and it’s straight up obnoxious.
  • Most kids are polite and say thanks, others are not. These kids also wait for more than their one allotted piece of candy and try to peer in your bowl to see what else they can get.
  • Kids are soft. We used to go out in any weather, often not wearing coats to show off our costumes (heavily turtlenecked underneath) but these kids don’t even bother with costumes because their coats will only cover it. One kid complained that it was too cold and he wanted to go home (his bag was barely filled). Suck it up! It’s free candy! We’d roam the neighbourhood for hours.
  • Very few pillowcases. Not sure if this speaks to the rising health concerns of parents or the lack of ingenuity among kids these days.
  • I feel bad for the kids on their own. Some would come with their parents and no other kids. Do they not have friends? Are their parents so strict that they can’t go out with friends? Don’t they have siblings?  I want to become a matchmaker for these kids, introduce them to the other kids that came alone and help foster a friendship.

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