What I’ve learned in unemployment

I’ve been unemployed for two weeks and in those two weeks I’ve travelled near and still pretty near. I went to Spences Bridge (in the Thompson/Okanagan region) as well as shopping in “Seattle.” Here’s what I’ve learned in my time toiling in unemployment.

-The economy is not better, nor is the recession over. At least not for the little people. There are no jobs out there. For real, even less than when I was unemployed earlier this year.

-Spences Bridge is a desert. It doesn’t rain often, but my god is it cold.

-You can go outlet shopping in Seattle without actually entering Seattle.

-Crossing the border into Canada is easier for a Canadian than us crossing into US. We were asked approx. 100 questions going into Blaine.

-The Renfrew Community Centre charges exorbitant prices to use their gym and it’s G-H-E-T-T-O. Two treadmills, one elliptical, four stairclimbers (and who the hell actually uses those?!?!) and the lamest weight machines (all for arms, no legs, butt, stomach). I’ve been to some good community centre gyms charging the same price they were, this was a huge disappointment.

-Tousled hair = curly. Or at least according to the Herbal Essence people

-Water is the new plan to fix my screwed up skin. Winter is killer on dry skin and lips. Not happy about that.

-It can stop raining anytime now. Or at least for small intervals so I can go outside and do what I need to do without getting soaked.

-Blueberry/Litchi green tea is awesome

-It’s better to steam/boil your edamame rather than microwave it.

-New career ambitions are underway.


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