2009 Gift Giving Guide pt. 1: books

It’s December. Therefore cue the Christmas music (click here. DO IT! DO IT!) and start your Christmas shopping (I started in June. YES JUNE! It’s brilliant and my brother will love it, because I’ll tell him to). Thought that since I was unemployed I’d give my faithful readers (I love all 3 of you sooooo much) a little gift. I understand it’s a busy time, I’ve got the time, an internet obsession and an obscene amount of useless info saved on my computer, I’d thought I’d share with you some great gift ideas, starting with this post, books (it’ll be a multiple day series you see, stay tuned for more posts in the future).

Books: Who doesn’t love a good book? I love cracking the spine of a new book and jumping in. Fiction, non, biographies, comedy, I’m all over it. While I enjoy a good audiobook (especially when I was spending an hour and a half a day on the skytrain earlier this year), I’m pretty certain I’ll never be a big fan of the Kindle because of the lack of spine cracking, which is a requirement when I read. A few book recommendations from this year….

Anything by David Sedaris.  I loved listening to his audiobooks on the train, he’s the narrator of his own books so his own voice is really great to hear when he tells his hilarious musings on his family, friends and travels. He’s got a really sarcastic, cynical sense of humour (my kinda guy) and has an amazing way of taking the mundane daily happenings and making them into a great story. My personal favourite was “6 to 8 Black Men” (don’t bother watching the video, the audio is the important part) an appropriate Christmas story found in his book Dress Your Family In Corduroy and Denim

Are you there vodka? It’s me, Chelsea and My horizontal life: A collection of One Night Stands both by Chelsea Handler. Again I listened to both on the train (may I now add a disclaimer that you may look like an idiot laughing to yourself while listening to your iPod on a crowded train. Yes, that was me). Are you there was narrated by Chelsea whereas the other was by someone else. Both were hilarious tellings of stories from Chelsea Handlers life, mainly of her drunken mishaps and conquests as well as hilarious stories about her family. For those who haven’t seen it, Chelsea is  the host of the late night show on E!

Other good books I read this year: The Art of Racing in the Rain (Me & Marley-esque but better. About a man and his dog told from the dogs point of view. Do not do as I do, do not read in public, you will cry!). Open by Andre Agassi. The Hour I First Believed (because anything Wally Lamb writes is gold).


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