For New Years Eve next year

May I suggest you don’t watch Rocking New Years Eve on ABC. Dick Clark, god love him and I hope he’s still alive to be doing this next year, is still hosting after all these years. I’m not sure if he returned last year to host but he was there this year with Ryan Secrest. As you know, he had a stroke a few years back and this NYE was the first time I saw him on TV since then…. it was heartbreaking. I understand that he just wants to do what he’s famous for, but watching him is sad, he looks amazing but the effects of the stroke are apparent. I can honestly say we weren’t exactly joyfully counting down to New Years because we oscillated between happy countdown to repeatedly saying “but it’s Dick Clark, it’s so sad, listen to him!”

So, if you want to avoid the trauma next year, while I’m all for supporting Dick Clark, maybe avoid this countdown if sad New Years isn’t what you’re going for.

Anyone else watch? Opinions?


One thought on “For New Years Eve next year

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