Somethings changed…I can’t put my finger… side-tracked

New Year, New Look.

Also, New Year, New Improvements (and may I add, for someone who generally refrains from capital letters in titles, status updates and tweets, I’ve used a lot so far in this post).

I started school again today. And may I say, I love school. It felt so good to be back. Even if the subject I was learning was the dreaded evil math. Actually it’s stats, but that’s not the point. The point is that I’m an Arithmophobic (real word) and only numbers were being thrown at me for 3 hours straight, but guess what, I took ’em. I put those numbers right into my new calculator and I actually understood them. I understood formulas people. FORMULAS!  For the first two hours I understood math! ME! MATH!  (good golly I’m screechy today)

Then the third hour rolled around and they brought up algebra. I’d like to state right now that the requirements for this course clearly state you need to have grade 11 math, which I have, but I left that behind with grade 11 Jen, circa 1999.  Needless to say I’m kinda rusty, luckily for me the algebra equations today were simple and I could basically do some simple (brain hurting) math to figure out (aka guess) the correct answer. I feel as if this wont work in the forthcoming weeks.

You know what Jen did? The new and improved Jen who is back in school for the first time since teaching students? She asked questions. Because if teaching taught me anything it’s that the teachers are there to help. They also like questions. They’re also pretty keen on you answering questions when they ask them, so I did that too.

What’s the point in all this, well initially it was to welcome in the new appearance we got going on here at The Surrian Life but then I got on side-tracked about my new-found non-fear of math, dare I say I actually liked it a little. No, I haven’t gone crazy, but as an art student who never really had to give quantitative answers on essays and could basically argue points for grades, I kind of like having definitive answers. Who’d of thunk it?

Dammit, side-tracked again.

Ok, summary of points in order to get this all figured out and me off to bed:

  1. New look for the blog. You like? It’s a new year and I want to switch it up a little bit. I like it so you saying you don’t probably wont change much, unless you argue it really well in the comments. In that case, comment away (because really people, I want more comments around here… I know you read, but I only see one of you commenting!)
  2. Math isn’t as scary as I always imagined. But then again this is the first day, it’s all new and probably easy (the teacher actually remarked that it’s easy) and I’m on a back to school, hooray I’m a student again high.
  3. I only brought a pen, pencil and book to class today (also the text- only $19, you hear that UBC they sell texts for only $19!- and calculator bought on campus), old Jen, the one who carted around a whole Staples Store in her bag at University felt very naked without highlighters, sticky notes and tabs. This will be remedied on Wednesday.
  4. It’s not a stereotype if it’s true: How many of you carry around box cutters in their pencil cases/bags/whatever? If you’re Asian, your hand may be up. I swear to whatever, Asian students have these with them at all times in school situations. My students used to have them and today a girl in my class pulled one out to open a calculator package. It gives them a more precise cut when cutting things out of books, magazines, whatever instead of scissors. Try it, they are so much better.
  5. Another new point, but let’s keep it point form or else I’ll sidetrack again- I got accepted into the course that I really wanted to take but is usually only open to Forensic Studies program students, it’s all about internet investigation and very useful in my future plans as something I’ve talked to some of you about and for the rest of you I’ll blog about it eventually.
  6. Wait, if I’m getting over the fear I have of math and numbers does this mean I could quite possibly get over my fear of spiders if I allow myself to get near them? What about guns? But those two fears define my very essence…

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