Olympic love list

I admit, I was against the Olympics. Technically, I still am. Sure, the money could be better spent elsewhere, but they’re here so there’s no use bitching about it. I’m out to enjoy it.

This week love list includes the things I’m loving about the Olympics:

  • Pride. I love that the whole country comes together to cheer our athletes. It’s amazing, sports I had never seen before are suddenly the most interesting things and something I’m considering myself an expert in. I’m talking about moguls right now, I watched the women’s yesterday and the men’s today. I was so excited at the aspect of winning our first gold on home soil. I was literally at the edge of my seat watching both finals. I can only imagine the pride that these athletes feel when they win, knowing it was the first of the games or the first gold on home soil.  But the pride all over twitter and facebook when we win is amazing.
  • Being Canadian.
  • Being Italian. Best dressed at the Opening Ceremonies. Hands down. Also, prettiest.
  • Being Polish. The first of my countries to win a medal. Silver on Saturday morning in ski.
  • Kristi Richards, she placed last in the Ladies’ Moguls finals yesterday. She fell after gaining too much speed on her run, you can tell she was losing her footing and ended up falling and losing a ski. She stood up and put her ski back on, got back into position, waved at the audience and proceeded with her second jump. After falling she had the option to just stop and not finish the course, but she proceeded and landed her second jump. She basked in the glory and the audience was so supportive. She’s also from Summerland, one of my favourite places in BC
  • The opening ceremonies. They were amazing, they weren’t even trying to compete with the Beijing Summer Olympics, but they did a good job, save the technical difficulties and the horrible national anthem.
  • The flash mobs. On Robson Street on Saturday they broke into dance and then an impromptu singing of O Canada.
  • People who aren’t protesters. Why are people protesting? I get it, but they wont stop it. It annoys me that these people can’t even show their faces and destroy property for what? Well I’m not even sure.
  • This guy. I love that they included a poet in the opening ceremonies. And I love that he evoked so much pride and love from everyone.

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