People want to believe in something-even if they know it is false.

I believe…

  • Vancouver should throw more parties
  • Olympics are fun, no matter the season/sport/location
  • in competition
  • the children are our future
  • no matter how hard Gordon Campbell waves his little Canadian flag and wears his red mittens, I will never, ever, like him. Or go quietly with his HST (remember that, all those fooled with his Olympic pride shenanigans… also he’s raised your MSP)
  • that how your hair behaves dictates how good your day is
  • in a killer pair of heels
  • in saying what you mean
  • in not being judgemental, setting standards or expecting people to behave a certain way and blaming them when they don’t fit into your imposed rules
  • in not playing to “type”
  • in not having a “type”
  • that rules were made to be broken
  • in yoga
  • that passive aggressiveness is most insulting
  • in the need for good running shoes
  • in the global community
  • in the awesomeness of curling and amazing pants


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