Lame and annoying things

  • I’m frustrated by the inability to close down a bank account over the phone. Instead they would like me to go into the bank for the $0.12 that has been residing in the account for over 1 year. Unused and unable to take that amount out, I have to take the time out of my day to do this, let me remind you bank hours are not friendly. Nor is the location of this bank easy to get to. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by the ability to do everything either via telephone or internet.
  • People feel the need to share things with me, I mean people who have very little knowledge of me or my existence feel the need to share personal details about their lives. Please stop this.
  • Sometimes people just need to not talk. Sometimes those people are me. I work on the phone, I spend 8 hours a day talking, sometimes you’d just like to not talk or be talked to. How does one politely tell others to shut it?
  • This whole playoff hockey series. Apart from the fact that the Canucks cannot kill a penalty to save their lives, I’m also finding myself annoyed with the Kings fans and their management. You see, all the teams nowadays have adopted the Canucks tradition of waving towels. Most teams have adapted it to one of the team colours, but not the Kings, they wave their white towels. Against the Canucks. Why is this annoying? Because white towels have been our thing since 1982, get your own dang colours.
  • People who just refuse to do things on their own. Maybe because I’m incredibly independent, sometimes beyond what should be reasonable, but I hate when people cannot do things on their own, especially when it’s something so simple or requires the simplest actions, like googling for information or how-to’s.  Google is your friend.
  • Girls who change their personality or pretend to be things or like things or want things because they think it’s what some guy wants.  Personal survey’s among men tell me this isn’t attractive, it reeks of desperation and makes girls look pathetic.
  • Speaking continuously about diets or exercise, I know I bitch about this a lot, but there is nothing more vapid and uninteresting than someone complaining they’re too fat. Especially when they’re skinny. Or when they’re making obvious bad food choices and wondering what’s wrong with their food intake.
  • When people budge in the bus line. We Vancouverites line up for our buses, it’s the polite thing to do. Nothing is more annoying than the people who force their way to the front of the line when the bus arrives, they somehow think that they can push and get on faster. No, that just pisses me off and I will work harder to make sure I get on before you. And take the last seat. Of course, this doesn’t apply to the elderly. I’m talking those in their 40’s or a little older who have all their physical abilities. Even more annoying when people are holding a lot of bags or are a young women with a buggy, people will still push infront of these people to get on the bus first.
  • People that say bad things about their friends to other friends when said friend isn’t around.  I just can’t help but wondering what they’re saying about me when I’m not their and can’t necessarily trust them. It speaks very loudly of what kind of friend they are.

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