I love Betty White.

Betty White was on Saturday Night Live yesterday along with many of the great past female cast mates making it a really great, female powered episode.

I love Betty White. That’s pretty much this weeks love.

My love of Betty started as a child, I used to watch Golden Girls with my Babcha, my Polish grandma, when I she would babysit us. Her favorite two characters were Sophia (Estelle Getty) and Rose, played by Betty. I always associated Ms. White with my Babcha. Well, her and Angela Lansberry. My grandmother loved “Angela” aka, Murder She Wrote.  On the other hand, Walter Matthau reminded me of my Dzadzo, particularly in the Grumpy Old Men movies.

Betty has such a great sense of humour and is still looking really good for her age (if you didn’t catch it multiple times on SNL, she’s 88.5 years old). I love that she’s become everyone’s grandmother, although never having children of her own. I remember reading a few months back, before we found out about Sandra Bullock’s adopted son, an article in which Betty talked about her being a stepmother to her husbands son’s from a prior relationship, at the time Sandra had no children of her own but was a stepmother to Jesse James’ children. I wish I could find the article now because it was a lovely piece on the two of them and the importance of step-parents.

So this weeks love is for the mothers out there, biological or not, as well as the grandmothers. The ladies who care for us, guide us and love us unconditionally, it has been said a million times before, but I’ll say it again- thank you for being our mothers, it is in no way the easiest job in the world and often thankless but it is the most important.


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