Sweet Little Lies

The other night I had a nightmare. I was driving up to the Okanagan and I
didn’t have my Okanagan theme song, Little Lies by Fleetwood Mac on my iPod.

I woke up so distraught. I reached up above my head and grabbed my iPod off the headboard and double checked that it was indeed on there. It was, as it has been since it was the first song ever synched on my very first Nano.

Little Lies has been my family’s road trip song for as long as I remember, actually it’s the
full Fleetwood Mac Tango in the Night album that brings us all a sense of nostalgia. We
would put the tape into the deck in our van while making our way up the Coquihalla and
just listen. My brother and I would have just woken up from our Gravol induced naps. My mom would give us it because she knew we were prone to car sickness, but I also think
she secretly gave it to us because it gave them some reprieve from the constant bickering
between Dave and I or the endless asking of the question “are we there yet?”

In some fortuitous way my dad had it figured out when to put the tape (later on we
upgraded to CDs) in and I would wake up within the first notes of the song Big
, the first on the album. This soon became the way we knew that we were close
to our destination. Without fail, by the time we got to the song Little Lies we were
just coming up on Lake Okanagan. After hours and hours of seeing only mountains,
trees and wildlife (horrible sights, I know) we were finally presented with the lake.

Our summer vacations were almost always spent at that lake. Two to three weeks at a
time my family would pack the ol’blue Getaway Van and hit the road for some camping.
Sometimes we’d stay in one spot, Okanagan Lake Park or sometimes moving around,
often to Shushwap or all the way to Jasper or Banff. We’d spend our days swimming,
riding bikes or playing bocce. Nights were spent around the fire roasting marshmallows
or playing Trivial Pursuit: Disney Edition (boys vs. girls, the guys always won).

To this day, every time I hear Little Lies and I’m transported back to camping in my
youth. This week I’ll be going back to the Okanagan for the first time in approximately 8
years and I’m so excited. I may not be camping and my main activity will be wine tours
instead of bike riding or swimming and we’ll have switched from yet another technology
to play the anthem of the destination, but I’ll have my iPod ready with Little Lies when
we round the bend and Lake Okanagan comes into my view for the first time in nearly a


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