Public Enemy Numero Due, part due

As I explained over in this post, my grandmother is somewhat of a water-wasting fiend. Yesterday I discovered a brand new way in which she is tempting Al Gore to send his polar bear army after her.

I woke up in the morning and heard the tap running in the laundry area outside my bedroom door, but I could hear her upstairs. Since I have to walk by there to go to the bathroom, I thought I’d investigate. As I had thought, she wasn’t downstairs but in the sink was a bucket with a watermelon in it. The bucket was filled with cold water and the tap was left running. I turned off the tap and brushed the situation off, I wasn’t about to tell Nonna that she was losing her mind and had left the tap on.

Cut to a few hours later. I had gone out and was returning home last night and once again the water was on but no one was around. Yet again, I turned off the sink but didn’t say anything to her about it. Instead I called my dad and explained that I think his mother is losing her mind. After he let out a little chuckle and asked “why now?” I started to explain the story. Before I was even able to tell him what was in the bucket he asked “let me guess, a watermelon?”

Apparently this is not her first time at the water-wasting rodeo. She was doing this last summer as well and my father and aunts were responsible for turning off the tap and warning her that David Suzuki would come for her if she didn’t smarten up her planet killing ways.

This leads to the big questions, why does she do it? Well, silly, it’s all because she wants to keep the watermelon cool. “Wither the fridge?” you ask, well there is either no room there for it or she just prefers her sink method. This is Nonna, after all, we’re not always certain why things are done certain ways, but you learn pretty quickly not to question the methods.

Now the big question is, when will the madness end? When will the melon be cut so we can resume our water saving? This I am uncertain, she does have guests coming on Sunday, I would venture a guess that I’ll be finding taps running and turning them off until Monday.

Don’t even ask why the watermelon was bought that far in advance, because you should know the answer to that already.


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