Excuse me, I’m walking here

Note how the bikers, pedestrians and cars are living in harmony. And in their own lanes.

You’ve probably all heard of Critical Mass. It’s the bike event held on the last Friday of every month where crowds of riders take to the streets to “protest” (they don’t like to describe it as a protest though) how unfriendly the streets are for riders. I’m pretty neutral on the topic. I get what they’re fighting for, but I wish they were more considerate of everyone else.

You have to admit that over the past few years, especially since Gregor Robertson became mayor in YVR, Vancouver has become more bike friendly. Neighbourhoods have made way on their roads for bike lanes and bike paths run all over the city. Burrard Street Bridge has even built lanes just for bikes, taking away from the vehicle lanes.

It’s pretty apparent in our city now that cars have the roads, bikes have bike lanes and pedestrians have sidewalks. Then why is it that in the past two days I’ve almost been run down by bikes on the sidewalk? In areas where bike lanes were clearly marked.

It’s frustrating, because as much as people want these bike lanes they need to prove that they’re not only being used, but being used appropriately. There is no need to be on the sidewalk, even when there are no marked lanes. I also understand that the majority of bikers are using the lanes and keeping off the sidewalks, it’s  just some idiots ruining it for everyone.

I need to arrange a critical mass for pedestrians. We’ll be walking down the sidewalks and bike lanes in large crowds, rightfully taking back what is supposed to be ours. Care to join me?


2 thoughts on “Excuse me, I’m walking here

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