Hurricane Earl

On Saturday I spoke to a woman from New Brunswick over the phone, this was the day that Hurricane Earl was to hit the East Coast. To be completely honest I didn’t think that Earl would be affecting Canada, I thought it was going to be mainly on the East Coast of the USA. Nearing the end of our call the woman bitterly added in that they were ok and not to worry for them. I gathered from the tone of her voice that she was upset that someone on the West Coast wasn’t asking how the storms were, I apologized and admitted that I was unaware that it was even a problem for them.  She then admits that it was Nova Scotia that got hit.

Hello drama queen.

Did she think I was so stupid to not know of the difference between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick? Was she trying to use someone else’s crisis to gain sympathy for herself? I engaged her in conversation, my voice seething with sympathy and asking if there was much damage or injuries. She admitted she was unsure of Nova Scotia- where the storms hit!- but her hometown was doing ok. The “storm” hit them at 9am, well after the predicted 6am arrival, and she had prepared by storing her patio furniture in her home.

Eventually she told me that when the storm did hit her part of the province it blasted them with a whole 1 inch of rain and some light wind.

1 inch of rain and light wind? This woman, who knew I was in Vancouver, had the gall to make me feel bad for not asking about her big experience with a hurricane.

An inch of rain and a light wind is what I call a mid-summer storm. I’m certain we’ve already seen more than that this rainy morning.  One inch of rain and a light wind is what we call a nice fall/winter/spring day.

The streets of Vancouver last fall. I took this of the lakes downtown one evening.

Come see Vancouver between October and April, you’d be surprised how we live through “hurricane” season here.  Some of us are so ballsy that we actually leave our lawn furniture out.


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