Clearly Awesome

For some time now I’ve been buying my contact lenses through Clearly Contacts. You’ve probably seen their ads around on buses, on billboards and most recently they’ve been using Trevor Linden as their spokes model in their print ads and on TV.

The prices are much cheaper than buying in stores or through optometrists and you can often save on shipping as well. They often have coupon codes on the ads you see on transit, if you don’t know them a quick google search of “clearly contacts promo codes” will bring up sites with laundry list of promo codes for percentages off or free shipping.

If you know your current prescription it’s really simple to order, your prescription can be found on the side of your current box of contacts. If you’ve recently changed, you’ll probably need to ask someone who deals in contact lenses to read your prescription (go to them for a free trial, you’ll get your prescription from the packs and find out which contacts you like….. score!).  I’ve recently learned that what you see on the paper the doctor gives you when you get your eyes checked, is not what’s needed for your contacts.

After you’ve chosen your favourite brand (they have many to choose from, most major brands) you enter your prescription and check out. The times I’ve ordered I received my order within 2 to 3 days. They also ship locally with FedEx, so no random border charges and you can track the order online.

They also sell glasses. Admittedly I was cautious at first since glasses are generally something you’d want to try on. I’ve looked around a few times, but last week decided to take the plunge after a coworker had high praises for their service.  They have hundreds of frames to choose from, at first it’s overwhelming but after you weed out your search for the types you want it’s more manageable.

I chose a few different frames and tried them on through their virtual mirror. You upload a picture of yourself and try them on, I don’t necessarily recommend this because I found it really hard to make them fit the picture and everything would become skewed by the perspectives. I ended up ordering a pair of black Donna Karen frames complete with lenses, they’re a little rounder than the current brown DKNY frames I have but I thought I’d take a chance. One glance at their return policy sold me on the pair. You have 30-days to return them, they even pay to ship them back to them! Oh, and the $131 price tag with taxes and the promo code found on google wasn’t bad either, especially since I’ll be able to claim that on my medical plan at work.  In the past I’ve paid more than $300 for glass and frames, so this has made this deal-lover happy.

The prescription for these is much easier to read, you’re reading off your doctor’s prescription and the website gives exact instructions how to read it. After submitting my order last Monday night the screen informed me that they would be delivered by October 5. An email just two days later told me that they had been shipped and they arrived by Thursday, almost one week before the estimate and only two days after I ordered them (Monday around 9pm), I was incredibly impressed.

The glasses looked good, so I’ll be keeping them. They’re sent with a case as well as a few cloths for cleaning (most times at Lens Crafters or Pearl Vision they give one) as well as a mini-screwdriver keychain in case of emergency.  The only downside would be that I’ll have to head to Lens Crafters to get them fitted a little better (they do free fittings, regardless of where the frames were bought).

Full disclosure, the people at Clearly Contacts have not paid me at all to write this.  Aside from the rare love for nail polish I avoid a lot of reviews, but I honestly can’t say enough good things about these guys. Anyone who has ever bought contact lenses or glasses know that they’re not cheap and any way to save money is something that should be shared in these times of HST.

Besides, if it’s good enough for Captain Canuck it’s good enough for you.


4 thoughts on “Clearly Awesome

  1. Buying contacts from Trevor Linden is good enough for me. That man can do no wrong.

    Though I do wonder about his bank account, strikes me as a bit desperate…a la cloutier and Pink Lime-or have you forgotten those hideous ads?

  2. I’m sure his account is not hurting. And would you turn down a lot of money in fear of selling out? (he’s not selling out as far as I’m concerned).

    As for Cloutier… he probably didn’t get paid for that crap, just free spa services. If he did get paid, he needed it… where is he now?

  3. Don’t you feel guilty having your glasses adjusted and repaired at Lenscrafters (Or any other retail store) or even trying them on in their stores when you don’t buy them there? SHAME ON YOU. The people who work in retail have families to feed too. Optometrists and Opticians go to school for many years to become professionals. If you insist on shopping like a cheapo – have your glasses adjusted and repaired like a cheapo too…do it yourself!
    I wonder how much help Clearly Contacts will give you when your glasses break while you are at work and you need a quick fix? If you go to a local eye doctors office for help after you have cheaped-out then SHAME ON YOU.
    And you can bet that Trevor Lindon does NOT wear $38 eyeglasses – really.
    And your mention of HST – not applicable since eyeglasses and contact lenses are both free of any kind of tax – they are still considered a MEDICAL DEVICE. (I sure wouldn’t purchase medical devices on line…my eye doctors office is the only place I would ever trust to keep my eyes healthy and seeing clearly.)

    • I don’t feel guilty at all.
      Why? Well I’m sure the optometrists and opticians are not losing sleep over charging me too much for my glasses either. And my reason for going to Lenscrafters to get my glasses fixed was that they advertise that they will do free adjustments on any glasses, regardless of them being bought at Lenscrafters, Pearl Vision, Iris, Clearly Contacts or any other retailer. If they charged a small fee for adjustments I’d pay that too, but they choose not to and it has built brand loyalty. I’ve bought glasses there in the past and I will continue to. I certainly would never expect them to repair my glasses for free, I would probably go to them to get anything fixed though and happily pay the prices that they charge the people who did not purchase the glasses there. So I haven’t “cheaped” out on them.
      Me choosing to go to an online retailer is no different than choosing to buy my glasses at Pearl Vision over Lenscrafters. Or buying lipstick from the sephora website rather than getting harassed at the departments store makeup counters. I also understand that the level of service is going to be different, and perhaps that’s why the prices are cheaper with so many online retailers.
      I’m not relying on Clearly Contacts to test my eyes or prescribe me, I’m merely buying a product from them, just as I would a dress from or a book from To clarify, I didn’t go to an eye glasses retailer and try on the product only to turn around and buy them online. I chose carefully by looking at the frames online and using past experience to know what would suite my face. I lucked out and had a great pair of glasses sent to me, but if I didn’t they return them as well. I’ve done that with their contact lenses and spoke to a lovely girl on the phone to complete that refund. She, just like optometrists and opticians, also needs to make a paycheque… so who am I to say one is more worthy than another? Not to mention the hundreds of people probably working for Clearly Contacts to fill the orders, send them out and make the glasses, which is work most likely done by an optician. They’re not working for free but depend on us for their pay.
      SHAME ON YOU for judging me for wanting to save some money. Money’s tight around the Surrian Household so I cut corners where I can. I also shop at Walmart and Superstore and buy the no name brands. Should I be shamed for putting the good people of Diet Coke out of business because I buy the President Choice option?
      Finally… I cannot believe you would go so far as to tell me Linden doesn’t wear their glasses. Next thing you’re going to do is tell me that Betty White doesn’t really eat Snickers and that Drew Barrymore doesn’t wear Cover Girl cosmetics exclusively… if I cannot trust the advertising agencies who the hell can I trust?

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