I’m pretty sure I wrote about this last year, actually I know I did. But it begs repeating, because back in the day Halloween was the shit. Kids these days have dropped the ball on the whole holiday.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is kids just don’t dress up. It’s like they throw on their coats and go door to door with a cloth bag for the candy. But if I’ve got to give you candy, you’ve got to dress up for it! I remember every year at least a month before we’d start thinking about what we wanted to dress up as and put in requests with my mother who’d almost always make my costume and my brothers by hand. On Halloween we’d go out with our costumes on display, we’d wear a turtleneck under our costumes and I’d thrown pants under my dresses. You did not cover it up with a jacket! These kids today would put on a mask sometimes, or they’d be carrying it, most likely because they’ve grown tired of wearing it. Most often they’d look like regular kids, in regular outfits.

The majority of the kids at our house were older, like beyond the age of acceptablilty. I think I realized how bad it had gotten when one girl showed up in a sexy pirate costume (sexy costume should not be worn by trick or treaters) and was way too well endowed in the chest area to be even considered for a treat. I reluctantly give them candy though, I’d hate to have my place egged or toilet papered. Do kids even do that still? Or do they prefer a new, maybe social networked based form of revenge?

I’ve also noticed the kids have gotten lazy. We used to trek over the whole neighbourhood, not stopping until our pillowcases were full. These kids were toting little pails and I heard more than one kid complain of the heft of his small bag (he was around 12). I spotted not one pillowcase!

I have to give these kids credit, they did have really good manners. Almost every one of them said thank you and this year there was far less kids who looked saddened that I was only giving them one treat.

I hope it’s just the neighbourhood I’m in. I hear my old hood still has kids dressing up, just far less than when I was a wee child. I’d hate for the tradition of Halloween to be falling by the wayside. Are kids even still dressing up for school?

I miss the days of full out costumes, trying to outdo your friends. My favourite costume was my princess costume, pink and complete with a big old hat. What were some of your favorite costumes of your childhood?


One thought on “Halloween

  1. One year I dressed up as a Chevron refinery worker, just like my dad! Ha, I have no idea why I wanted to dress up like that but I did. A tribute to my dad 🙂

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