My wishes for 2011…

Happy New Year!

…that Lindsay Lohan will just go to jail and stay there for a long period of time. She should clearly be in jail, but they keep letting her out. She’s so entitled from her parents, her legal team and now the state of California and it’s not helping her. Also, it’ll probably be the best way to keep her out of the public eye, and I’m so tired of seeing her and listening to her stupidity.

…Jessica Simpson makes some real friends. Friends that don’t include those who are paid or her parents. I want to love the girl, because she’s so dumb that it’s precious. But the girl is obviously marrying the second coming of KFed and no one is willing to stop her. And real friends wouldn’t let her leave her house wearing some of the shit she wears. This is starting to extend to Christina Aguilera as well.

…that the tabloids give up on all gossip involving Aniston/Pitt/Jolie. Jen and Brad split in 2005. 2005!! It’s time.

… we officially retire these words: hubby (I tried this in 2010, I wont give up); man cave (why is there no woman cave? it’s ok, don’t start that one too!); staycation (you’re at home, it’s not a vacation. It’s time off work in which you generally get caught up on chores and errands while maybe seeing a few local attractions).

… more people comment. Wither the comments people? I see you visiting, it’s rude not to say hello.

… to gain clarity in the way of work and life.

… to continue learning lessons in school, life and from any source of information that I can.

… to win money. Make lots of money. It doesn’t matter how, I just hope 2011 is the year I become wealthy.

… continued health, happiness and love for the wonderful people that read this blog. They understand that posting this blog entry almost 2 weeks into the new year is perfectly fine.


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