Monkey’s in love

Hey fellow primate lover!

I’m talking to the awesome person who keeps finding this blog via the search term “monkeys in love.” I totally get it, because I love monkeys. One of the best places I’ve seen in my travels is the monkey section of the Berlin zoo.

What I don’t get is how that search term links to my blog. I’ve done the google search, it brings me to a band called Monkeys in Love. Since I hadn’t heard of the band until now, I’m certain I hadn’t written about them before.

But I welcome you to this blog, which by the way I’m sure is lacking in monkey’s in love talk because quite frankly you can never have enough discussion about monkeys. Whether in love or just lust. Why don’t you just bookmark the blog or add it to your google reader, it’ll save you the arduous search every time you’re in the mood for whatever simian loving I offer up here.

Leave me a comment, let me know what draws you in and what type of monkey is your favorite. Mine are the Squirrel Monkey and the Crab-eating Macaque. Don’t even get me started on apes. But not the Capuchin, way too much Hollywood hype around those dudes.


9 thoughts on “Monkey’s in love

  1. This is by far your weirdest post ever. Perhaps a new blog theme? I like this crazy anthropology Jen. Long live Levi Strauss! Or whoever that Claude guy is you mentioned aka The God of Anthropology.

    • First off, it’s Papa Boas who is the God of Anthropology. Claude Levi-Strauss (fyi: I’m very impressed you remembered) was merely a prince. Neither were heavy into the monkey’s though, Strauss was all about cock fights and Boas brought us the Kwakiutl and taught us about ethnography.
      Second off (in response to your second comment), orangutans are apes, not monkeys. And I didn’t say that the monkey’s were my favorite part of the Berlin zoo but one of my favorite places in all my travels, Knut could also be up there.

      This whole post was a response to some random person who keeps finding my blog by searching “monkeys in love.” I want to know who this person is!

  2. Personally, I LOVE oranguatangs. I just love their orange hair. BTW I’m not sure K-nut would be so pleased that the monkeys were your favorite part of the Berlin zoo.

  3. Hey I ACTUALLY found this by searching “monkey in love”…just looking for a cute picture to send to my BF…the post surprised me and made me smile! 🙂
    Lela x

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