Psycho superfans

I’m not sure if I was oblivious to this back in my teenage years but it just seems that teen girls are a little more crazy than they used to be.

Let me correct that…not just teenage girls but anyone who happens to be a superfan of anything.

Beliebers. Twihards. Britney vs Gaga fans.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, after noticing how crazy people can get after a Gaga performance where she’s obviously kicking some Britney ass. People would erupt on Twitter, acting like there’s not enough room in the pop market for both artists, or heaven forbid actually liking both women. If you need example’s check out the twitter feed of Pink is a New Blog writer Trent, he’s one of those who is so blinded by love for Britney that they refuse to see that what she’s putting out is shit compared to her early work. It’s those people that you can’t argue with because they wont have a rational discussion. Instead they just pick on the competition.

When Britney released her new single and her fans proclaiming it to be the greatest thing ever and that it’ll annihilate all other women in pop music… I can’t help but wonder if they think that they think Brit needs the moral boost because they fear she’ll go insane again. Gaga came out with Born This Way this week and everyone was pointing out the Madonna comparison right away and their right, there is a very close resemblance to Express Yourself, but what’s sadder… Gaga paying homage to an icon or Britney ripping off her recent subpar music?

During the Grammy’s this month teenage girls figured that Justin Bieber was a lock-in for the best new artist category. Sadly talent is the requirement here, not who has the most twitter followers or highest record sales so Bieber lost to Esperanza Spalding.  The Bielebers went crazy and started tweeting their rage and started editing her Wikipedia page to say cruel things. Hell hath no fury like a teenage girl scorned I guess.

I’ve never heard of Esperanza Spalding before, but one Google search and some YouTube videos later it’s obvious to anyone she has talent. I’d be happy with any of the other nominees in the category winning that award over Bieber this year, because aside from maniacal teenage girls who proclaim him to be talented the other 4 nominees: Florence and the Machine, Drake, Esperanza Spalding and Mumford & Sons are all really talented in their own right.

This whole superfan thing is getting out of control. Or is it? I remember loving New Kids but we didn’t have the internet back in those days so maybe we were saved from making a fool out of ourselves for having so much love for one thing. I remember when Britney lost best new artist to Christina, it felt like it went the wrong way but there was no public forum to rage on. Nor did I believe that the winners of an award ceremony really mattered in my world.

Trust me, when Natalie Portman wins the Oscar over Annette Benning (who in my opinion was much better in The Kids are All Right than Portman in Black Swan) I wont be raging all over the internet. It’s an award, this affects my life in no way and I’m sure they’re not concerned with how we feel about their wins or loses.

Talent and what is considered “good.” It’s a buffet, take or leave what you want, but don’t assume your opinion is the only one that matters.


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