Brit v. Gaga part: I’ve lost count

Lady Gaga released the video for Born This Way today (flip through to 2:34, that’s where the actual music starts)

Britney released the video for Hold It Against Me last week.

Aside from my admitted loving of Gaga’s song and Gaga as a person more than Britney right now, I have to say Gaga’s video kicks Brit’s too. Not only is there not blatant product placement in Gaga’s video but it’s just executed so much better (I think that’s what I hate the most about the video and her concert is that the brand pushing is just so in-your-face, they don’t even try to hide it).

Gaga’s video like most of her others is a little too long, you have to fast forward the first 2:34 minutes of Born this Way after you’ve seen it once. But I like to think Gaga shows us exactly what Brit is no longer capable of.

Remember when Brit used to put on a hell of a dance sequence in her videos? You should, she shows you clips of them in Hold it Against Me (mistake number one, don’t remind us of how fabulous you once were). At this point she can barely walk, so they show her “dancing” in the video but it’s her doing hand movements while moving her body in what she probably believes is a sexy way. Her dancing is very elementary, I could probably do it and let’s face it, the only dance lessons I have are Just Dance and Just Dance 2 for Wii. They also never show a particular scene or camera angle for more than a second or two, which leads you to believe that she can’t string together a sequence of moves longer than that for the cameras. What I think is most concerning is that just like she has been for the past four years, Britney is dead in the eyes. I’d venture to bet that she doesn’t want to do this, her handlers are pushing her to do this because they never know when the cash cow will run out.

Also, Brit’s been stealing from others for her video.
-The close up of the red lips against the black background: Rocky Horror Picture Show
-The girl fight between the two Britneys: Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker
-Paint flying around pristine white costumes: Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair

I may be biased because I love Gaga. Gaga’s body is hot, the make-up is fantastic (even if her cheekbones, devil horns and shoulders are a little to pointy… and fake). Her dance moves are awesome and she actually has a say in her image. Whereas Brit still thinks the belly shirts from the 90’s are still avant-garde fashion and her handlers are calling all the shots, even though she’s a mother of two and is five years older than Gaga.

What I’m saying is that with Gaga, I care about what she’s trying to say. Whereas with Britney, I don’t think she even cares about what she’s saying.


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