Do you Groupon?

I’ve been getting the daily emails from Groupon for the past couple of months now and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by the deals they offer. So far I’ve bought a mani/pedi combo from Solarice Spa and a discount on dinner at Gurdun Tasting Room. I have yet to use these, but that’s more because finding time right now is hard than anything to do with the program.

If you haven’t given it a try I do recommend signing up for the emails, it’s nothing to sign up and it’s a simple email every morning that informs you of a different coupon in your city. It’s an excellent way to discover new things and you don’t pay for anything until you want to buy into the groupon.

How it works is that companies offer large discounts for things sold in bulk, kinda like Costco. But instead of 100 rolls of toilet paper, they’re selling hundreds of discounted spa treatments or gym classes. The only downside I’ve heard so far (aside from their somewhat offensive Superbowl commercials) is that often the Groupons have to be used during a certain time, like spa appointments are only available during the afternoon on weekdays.

If you have yet to join, do me a favor and click here to get to Groupon. If you click that link and sign  up I could get a referral bonus for the first groupon you buy.

You knew there was some sort of catch to my post, eh?

In all seriousness, while I’m asking you to do me a favor I honestly do believe in the discounts that they offer and that you could not only end up saving money but also discover cool new things in your city.



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