Here’s my latest obsession:

It’s the latest OPI top coat called Shattered. It creates a cool affect on you nails that makes it look like the colour underneath is, for lack of a better word, shattering through.

The polish is simple to use, you first paint your nails with a colour, I find bright colours look best and this wont work on naked nails. After that polish has dried you quickly paint the black top coat on top. The imperative is quickly, since the shattered effect starts to work within moments of hitting your nails. Don’t worry too much about how you apply the shattered coat, it’ll end up messy anyways.

The final product looks like this:

The polish is sold out across Vancouver and the rest of the Lower Mainland, I ordered mine from So far I’ve only tried it over a bright pink and red but I can’t wait to try it over silver or yellow.


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