Evolution: Real or Not?

As an anthropology major I’ve studied a lot about evolution. I’ve always believed it to be real, mainly because it makes sense to me. I’m a facts and evidence person, I need to see reasons before I believe things. I find it hard to believe that people, animals, nature and all things just happened, they all had to happen for a reason. They had to come from somewhere. Evolution explains that in the most succinct and intelligent way, at least to me.

Or so I thought so.

Lately I’ve been questioning my ideas on evolution. Mainly from my move back to Surrey. Also from working so closely with people, both with co-workers as well as with customers, not to mention riding transit all the time. And there sure is no way that survival of the fittest is real.

People can have an off day, I understand this and will fully admit to having one of those every 4 years or so. We may say or do something that makes people shake their head and have us cowering in embarrassment, but at least we know we’ve done something stupid. For other people, I’m not so sure they get it. And it’s these people that I have to wonder how they’ve gotten so far in life, not necessarily in jobs or school but to the age that they are. People in their twenties and above who are so stupid that an involuntary action like breathing or their heart beating seems like it would just been too advanced for them, not to mention the question of whether they actually have the brain to accomplish these tasks.

If Darwin was correct, then people who have troubles grasping the concept that paying your credit card bill is vital to continued credit or that letting your kids run around in the streets is a stupid idea, regardless of the level of traffic, should be dead. Mais non.  They live on, miraculously, and terrorize the rest of us with their asinine ways.

This is where I’ve given up on evolution, because people who have reached levels of stupidity like this should have ceased to exist by the very nature of survival of the fittest. Instead I worry. I worry because these are the people who are populating the world, they’re the one who idiotically do not use protection and decide that having a child is a genius idea, regardless of age, income or maturity level. I’m sorry, but if you find yourself in this situation and you can’t realize that while an abortion is a lot of money at one time, but in the long term much, much cheaper, then you should not be having a child. But I see this cycle repeated (in Surrey) ad nauseum.

On the other side of the spectrum we have those whose genes are probably more preferable in the evolutionary gene pool who are not having babies or are having fewer than their imbecile counterparts. They’ve more than likely waited until they had a steady partner, a steady income and/or education before repopulating the pool and will likely have less children due to the sense of realizing that having more children than what they can afford to raise and educate isn’t the best laid plan. And, let’s not forget that since they’ve waited so long to make babies that we don’t have that many child-bearing years left to pop out 5 children.

Maybe evolution is a thing of the past? That makes me, and undoubtedly Darwin, sad (yes, I believe that I can speak on his behalf). Evolution continues in other aspects of our life, certainly in the realm of telephones, mp3 players, computers and all other technology but humans… not so much.

It’s just so hard to fight the good fight when the stupidity of others is exactly what is helping idiocy prevail.


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