Earthsick: An Update

A confession… I come from a family of Global Warming Deniers.

I feel like global warming deniers are the new holocaust deniers, they deny that the ice caps are melting and that the crazy weather the world is facing (coldest April in Vancouver ever! the warmest Winter during Vancouver 2010!) has nothing to do with the things we’re doing to the environment.

If you even say the names Al Gore or David Suzuki around my dad he’ll launch into some sort of rebuttal about how they don’t practice what they preach (rumours of Al Gore’s household electricity bill, for example). I like to think my dad is only doing it because he knows it bothers me, because he does own a hybrid and yells at me when I throw something away that can be composted as I get accustomed to this houses’ compost bin.

My brother, who lives in the cold tundra of Edmonton, is always saying that there can’t be global warming when the temperatures are in the minus for 90% of the year. That’s why it’s called climate change! Not global warming.

And we all know how my Nonna tries to beat me down when I try to conserve water (seriously, she tries to beat me… with plates!).

But we’re not all perfect, but I think we should all be trying our best to make changes that are better for the environment. Last year I confessed my carbon footprint contributors. Let’s take a look at how I’ve done with my resolutions.

  1. Unplugging Things. I’ve made progress with unplugging my computer each night and turning it on only when I’m using it, then turning it off when I’m done. I plug in my phone overnight to recharge and unplug my charger when I’m done with it. As for my curling/straightening iron problem, that still exists. I wake up and turn them on to warm it up, go drink my coffee and eat my breakfast and return to do my hair. It’s about 20 minutes of needless plugged in and turned on time that could definitely be avoided.
  2. Plastic Bags. I’m still using plastic bags to carry my lunch to work, I like throwing it in my purse instead of carrying a separate bag so plastic ensures it doesn’t spill all over my Coach. I have made progress by reusing the bag, usually using the same one for the whole week. I still continue my search for the perfect spill proof container.
  3. Drano. I attempted to use more environmentally friendly drain uncloggers, but they didn’t work. I continue to use Drano and try to pick out clogs of hair by hand/wire but the Drano is used much less often.
  4. Bring mugs. Thanks to spikes in coffee prices I’ve been going out for coffee much less, but when I do go I am taking my tumbler more often. It’s not all the time, because I don’t carry one on my person at all times, but it is more than I used to.

Overall I’d say I’m doing pretty well with my resolutions but there is always room for improvement. I’ll continue to work on them over the next year and report back, maybe even set a few more while I’m at it.

What are some of your green resolutions?


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