Yes, the above video is from Shit Harper Did but I don’t want to make this about voting for one party or another. To be honest, I still have no idea who I’ll be voting for (I do know who I’m not voting for… and the Conservatives).

This is just a not-so-gentle nudge to remind people to VOTE on May 2nd. Or if you’re too busy that day you can still vote early up until Monday April 25. Check here for your riding and to find your voting place.

So why should you vote? Aside from the reason in the video, that some MP’s are voted in by a few mere votes, it’s important to make your voice heard. I realize we only voted a few years ago (ok, maybe not me, I was in Italy) and there will be more voting for us British Columbians in the next few months but it takes very little time and is one of your democratic duties.

Still don’t feel compelled to vote? Here’s ten more reasons:

  1. You can’t complain about the government if you don’t vote. Who doesn’t love to complain about the government? What will you talk about with coworkers or in grocery store line-ups if you don’t give yourself this right.
  2. People fight for this right. People continue to fight for this right. If you’re a woman, think about how hard your foremothers (is that even a word?) fought for you to be recognized even as a person, not to mention your right to vote.
  3. Because you should care. Not only should you be voting, you should be making an educated vote. Read about the candidates, find out their positions and make an educated decision. Health care, arts education, tuition prices, amateur sports-funding, etc. Decide what you care about and vote accordingly. Check out CBC’s Vote Compass to help match you up with the candidate that shares your views.
  4. You’re young. Prove people wrong when they say young people don’t vote. In fact less and less people are voting so it’s not just the problem with youth (18 – 29 year olds). But the more people who vote, the better chance we have for a government to be in power that is indicative of what the citizens want. If they want more of the same, so be it. Make it a majority then. Just don’t make this election turnout even lower than the last.
  5. Someone else will. You’re busy. You don’t see the point. You probably have a million reasons not to vote, but you know who will vote… the people have the time. The unemployed. The elderly. The people who may or may not have the same political views as you. PS: the polls are open from 7am to 7pm. You have time to vote.
  6. Negate a vote. People wont always vote the same way as you, your vote negates their vote. Take the power away from those people!
  7. Send a message. So your party doesn’t get in power, you’ll be sending a message to those in power that the other party have something to offer. While they’re not always receptive to your message, if enough of us make noise the better chance we have for change.
  8. “I voted” stickers are cool.
  9. It’s easy. Show up at your voting place with your identification (click here for acceptable types). If you haven’t even signed up to vote in your riding you can do that online or at your designated voting place on election day (make sure your drivers license or ID has your current address). Then you make your selection. If you’re telling me that you’re not intelligent enough to show up with your ID and make a tick beside your choice, then I have no idea what benefit you find from this mega-intelligent and witty blog.
  10. People are dying for this right. You see that? It’s bolded. Because if you read nothing else on this list you have to know that people around the world are literally giving their lives so that the people of their countries can vote. You think this government is a regime? You think you’re too busy to vote or you don’t think it’s important enough? Tell that to the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen and Libya.

4 thoughts on “V-O-T-E

    • I have the same problem. I was going to vote in advance today, but I still don’t know which of my representatives I like the best or what party either.

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