You’re not handicapped

I have a lot of workplace pet peeves, as I’m sure most do. Lately this one thing has been grating on me.

Near the door of the women’s bathroom (and men’s I suppose) they have the buttons to push to automatically open the door, place there for the handicapped. These are both outside and inside the bathroom. Almost every single person who goes enters and exits the bathroom uses these damn buttons. It is driving me insane.

Once the button is pressed you can’t manually open the door any more, you have to wait for it to automatically open. But it is so slow. Like so. damn. slow. Every time I’m going in or leaving there seems to be someone on the other side of the door who has pressed the button and I have to wait for the damn thing to open. Once it’s open a tiny bit there’s this awkward dance of figuring out who should go through first, you or the person on the other side, this of course is after you nearly walk into them because you don’t really see them there until it’s too late.

Sure, it’s a heavy door, but it’s not too much for a woman to handle. And before you go and point out that some might do it for hygenic purposes, you pull on your way in and you should be washing your hands after you use the bathroom (don’t get me started on the women who don’t… I work with you, I know where you sit, at least do it for show!). On the way out you push, you can use your body to push if you’d like to avoid messing up your clean hands.

It is a stupid thing to be annoyed about, but it wastes at least 30 seconds to press the damn button. And I’m not necessarily dying to get back to my desk, but I just don’t see the draw of using it. These people are perfectly capable!

I don’t see the men using the lazy button.


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