I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Although lately it’s more loathsome than anything else.

Whenever I log in it seems to be people bitching about life and work and how their existence is treating them horribly. I almost want to scream at people on Facebook to get a damn blog or Twitter account, a place where someone may finally care about their woah is me act.

And a place where I can ignore whatever the hell minor drama they want to complain about.

It’s all so passive aggressive. People blasting their friends for not reading their minds. People airing dirty laundry against “someone” so their entire following can see. People complaining how life had treated them wrong.

Is it weird that I only take my Twitter friends seriously?

I hate to do this, but come on. Is your drama that important?

The most annoying is the unfollow. As if we’re supposed to know when one of our “friends” has “unfriended” us. Honestly, if I haven’t noticed that we’re no longer Facebook friends, then were we ever friends to begin with?

I dunno, it’s like the big kiss off. I haven’t responded to whatever drama someone’s looking for attention for so they’ve decided I’m not worthy of Facebook friendship. Some dramatic send off like we’re supposed to plea for friendship once again.

How does it feel when I don’t come begging for your forgiveness?

It’s Facebook. Give me a break. I’ve graduated from high school, I don’t need your petty games.

It’s just another social media outlet that everyone has started to lose interest over. I keep telling myself to end it, delete the profile. The people who care have other means of communication.

For some reason I can’t. I make excuses, like that I’m leaving my job in two weeks and it’s the only way to keep in touch with the awesome people I’ve met there. Or that it’s a way to catch up with people from high school. Excuses, I know. But the site has it’s point and it’s reason for existence.

So, dear readers… what are your thoughts? Is Facebook passé and should I care about it anymore? Give me good reason to stay, because right now I have no reason to stick around with Mark Z. and Co. If you’ve got no reasons to stay… push me over the ledge, make me leave. The comments section awaits your glorious opinions…  


2 thoughts on “Unfriended

  1. Interesting post. Personally, if I was getting annoyed with other peoples status updates, I would just unfriend them (and I’ve done that many times). Maybe do a good Facebook cleanse, if you still want to keep your account. It is a great place still to look at people’s pictures and keep up to date with the people you care about!

    • I thought about unfriending people, but is it weird I’m worried I’ll hurt their feelings? I hide a lot of people’s status updates because I’m tired of seeing 5 or 6 really long status updates per day complaining about how horrible their life is. I just want to leave comments about people dying in Africa or having cancer.
      The pictures and stalking is the thing that’s stopping me from getting rid of it!

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