One more chance

Oh Glee. We had a good run. Two whole seasons of fun songs and kicky dancing, but I think we’ll need to end it soon.

Frankly, it’s getting old. The first season it was fun to see this band of misfits get together and try to be cool, to gain acceptance. You’d think they’d find it when the football players and cheerleaders joined the club, but no. Not even nationals could get anyone in the school outside of their group of 10 (12? 8? I dunno) to like them.

And then there’s Sue. She likes hates the Glee club. Then she tolerates them. Then wants them gone.

I feel like everything is so fluid. Storylines are brought up and then quickly dumped. People are brought in and pushed away. And then brought back later on to help recycle storylines.

But the initial stories, those stick around. And get beaten to death. Over and over. Like a dude standing in an elevator in Drive (if you haven’t seen that you’ll want to so you can understand my upcoming review)

Every other week Rachel tells everyone she’s better than everyone else, then gets some sort of lesson in humility and is a team player for about two weeks before forgetting said lesson. Puck’s a rebel and asshole, then all the sudden is a caring boyfriend/wannabe father. They can’t get people to join the club, but continue to be mean to anyone willing to give it a shot. Kurt is proud to be teenage homosexual, but everyone is so hard on him.  Will and Emma are together… she’s still somewhat obsessive compulsive, but only when they need it.

I’m not even going to complain about the fact that there is constantly a full band whenever they need to break into song. But I will say that I’m annoyed that they’ve only been doing show tunes lately.

After the first episode of the season I had just hoped they were having a bad episode, but after today’s I’ve decided to only give it one more. I can’t be bothered to watch this if it’ll be like last season when every third episode developed storyline and was kind of interesting.

I’m starting to think that the creators have bitten off more than they could chew. Too many characters, too many story lines, too many balls in the air. Now they don’t know how to deal with all of it so they’ve just given up.


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