Nailed it

I’m obsessed with nail polish. I love a set of dark nails, so I’m particularly happy that autumn is here and I’m able to rock my dark jewel tones.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with my own nail art. Since I’m trying to save money and I tend to get bored sitting in a manicurists chair (not to mention hate most art designs offered on the fake acrylic nails in salons), I’ve become pretty proficient at googling different techniques and testing different styles on my nails.

Here’s my current nail look…

It’s technically not a dark shade, but I like the nude nail with a subtle design. I found this one over at Refinery 29. I used OPI’s Dulce de Leche for the base and Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Pen in white for the dots.

This ombre style was also included in the same Refinery 29 slideshow

The black part is Revlon’s Blackest Black and OPI’s Suzi Says Feng Shui was used for the blue tips.

You don’t always need to be fancy, I like that a lot of the polishes come pretty fancy already…

This is OPI’s My Private Jet. I just bought it a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed. It was apparently released in 2007 and is pretty popular among polish loving people like me. It’s a black/charcoal polish with flecks of silver and grey, which creates an asphalt look.

And of course, the crackle polishes are still awesome. I bought OPI’s Blue Crackle and was kinda skeptical, it was an impulse purchase as I picked up the silver and was told I’d get some kind of savings for two (I’m a sucker for a deal). I put it on and took it off a few times before deciding to give it a full few days before I banished it to get thick and goopy in my nail polish drawer. I quite enjoyed it over essie’s ballet slippers. It was a good marriage as the essie polish was a pale colour and I find those hard to wear if you’re not extremely careful for streaks and mistakes so the blue covered it all up. I did this in the summer, I’m going to try to find a way to bring this into the fall/winter seasons.

A few notes…

I feel obligated to say that I wasn’t given any of these polishes by any of these companies. I’m just a polish lover that cannot walk by a salon or drug store cosmetics department without looking at (and purchasing) a new shade.

My favorite brands are OPI and Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri, because they’re pretty resistant to chips.

It’s important to use a good top coat, so invest in a good one. Right now I’m using essie’s good to go, but OPI makes some good ones too.

Finally, the Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens are pretty good for drawing designs on your nails, always use them on polish and use a top coat afterwards.

Sometimes I get bored and paint Hope’s paws. She hates it and I can usually only get one or two nails done

Any favorite polishes to share? Favorite art techniques?


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