Greatest cream ever? Yes

I have horribly sensitive skin. Twice a year, usually just before my birthday in April and before Christmas my face get’s really dry and breaks into a disgusting rash/dry skin combo. It’s very painful, scaly and all around bad time.

I’ve tried numerous creams, washes, oils and been to a few different dermatologists. It’ll never be cured, but every year I think I can try to fix it before it get’s too bad and fail. Instead I drop a lot of cash out of desperation to get the situation under control.

Yesterday I was at Sephora and since I had been to the gym in the morning my face was particularly bad (sweat only aggravates it) so I went wandering in search of new miracle.

Enter Philosophy’s Keep the Peace.

What sold me was the box that says it’s “a super soothing moisturizer that treats redness and sensitivity.” At the price tag of $50 it’s not much more expensive then a lot of the other moisturizers at Sephora or at  department stores so I was sold.

So did it work?

It’s pretty much the best thing I’ve ever used. Within one use my face was significantly less red and the dryness had gotten a bit better. 24 hours after using it, my face has recovered and I’m going to the gym tomorrow… without make-up (I became a make-up wearing gym person due to shame of the redness).

I’m not a big product pusher, but if you’re a person with sensitive skin I really recommend giving this a shot.


3 thoughts on “Greatest cream ever? Yes

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