I’m a hoarder

I like to hoard the weirdest things.

I noticed yesterday while cleaning my room and organizing all my crap that I liked to keep old mascaras. I have no clue why. It’s like I had never learned how to tell when a mascara is used up. Instead I’d realize it wasn’t performing as it should and bought a new one without throwing the old one away. Maybe I need to see that the container is empty, but with mascara that’s impossible? Oddly enough I do throw them away sometime so this isn’t every single tube I’ve bought or received as a free sample over the past little while. There are 15 tubes there and only 3 are useful.

You’ll also see a pile of hair elastics there. 14 of them. All stretched out and useless. Essentially if they don’t break while I’m trying to use it, but it’s too stretched out to be used I throw it back into the drawer and get out a new one.

Finally, there’s 10 contact lens containers. I could’ve sworn there was more in my bathroom drawer. Every time I buy new solution or order new contacts I get a new case, probably as a hint to change the old one. Yet until my mom recently bought me a cute one with tiny pig heads for caps, I was using the same case for years.

You’ll be happy to know that all 12 of the useless mascara tubes and 14 elastics were thrown away. The contact lens cases remain. Rest assured that if you’re ever at my house and need to spend the night or have a contact lens emergency, I got 9 of you covered.

Obviously, there’s no need to call for TV cameras over my hoarding, there’s no concern over it yet. That is unless they’ll pay good money, then I can become a stage 4 hoarder for some money.


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