Jay-Z and Beyonce had a baby on Saturday. I’m still unsure of the name Blue Ivy, just too much self-involved stories surrounding the naming but it’s also kind of normal for a celebrity name. I also like to think that she was named after Blue from Old School.

Two days after the birth Jay released this new song:

People are reacting quite well to it. I have a few notes.

It’s not Jay-Z level of greatness. While I understand the sentiment and all, I just don’t think the words or any of it is any good. I also feel like the crying of Blue Ivy at the end is too personal. You know that J & B will not be releasing their photos anytime soon, they’ve always been pretty private. To hear about the conception, miscarriages and then Blue Ivy’s crying, it’s just too much. I feel perverted, like I’m listening to something that I shouldn’t be listening to.

What do you think of the song? Do you think J & B will have me killed for not liking their baby’s new single?


One thought on “Glory

  1. Yeah, not exactly jay-z level….I think it’s kinda cheesy (the song). I’m just hoping she’s got Beyonces looks and not his, haven’t seen any pictures though….

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