On accountability

I respect accountability and being accountable for one’s actions above most other characteristics a person has. I cannot stand people that will not take blame for something they’ve done and instead point fingers at others. This, by the way, is a huge reason why Lindsay and Dina Lohan are two ugly and despicable human beings in my book.

There’s been a recent news story going around in British Columbia about a woman who is suing the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) because they continued to let her gamble even though she had a gambling problem. You can read about it here because I’m far too angry and annoyed to recount it here.

I can maybe agree that the BCLC dropped the ball with their volunteer exclusion program, apparently if you sign up and they see you in a casino they’ll stop you from gambling and you cannot win jackpots (how much does she suck at gambling that she never won during this time?). But I don’t believe it’s up to BCLC to babysit people, are they supposed to hire a person specifically to carry around photographs of people and kick them out if they find one on the premises?

This would be the same as suing the liquor stores because they continued to serve someone who came in day after day for their liquor purchase. The same as suing a restaurant or grocery store who sold an overweight person high fat foods rather than a salad. Or suing your bank because they allowed you to raise the credit limit on your Visa even though they knew you weren’t able to pay it off.

It’s the same as me suing Canada Student Loans for giving me loans when they knew I’d never be able to pay it off since I was working towards my Arts degree.

Her situation sucks, and I’m sure this lawsuit is a last ditch effort to pay off her creditors and the friends who lent her money. Who, by the way, she should also be suing because they lent her money when she obviously had a problem. But no, she will not go after those people because they don’t have the money she needs to pay off more than three hundred thousand dollars in debt. She’s taking another gamble with the justice system and hoping this time the big corporation will pay out to help her out of her jam. But as much as it sucks, she’s the one responsible for it. She has to take accountability for her actions. She can’t expect a corporation whose main concern is making money off people who gamble to be responsible for cutting her off.

I would love to see what would’ve happen had she actually won a jackpot and wasn’t able to claim it because she was in the exclusion program.

I understand how horrible her situation may be, but she got herself into this mess. Gambling is a terrible addiction and like all addictions it can wreck the lives of those addicted and those around them.

By allowing this case to go to trial (and god forbid she wins) they’re setting a precedent for people who are going to look at other people or corporations to blame for their problem.


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