You’re so vain you probably think this post is about you

I often forget people read this. I know I can look at the stats of the site and I get a reminder, the odd comment also does that for me. It’s not like I keep this place a secret either, so I know it’s not just random search words misleading people here.

Aside from random people reading it, I tend to forget people I know may be reading.

It’s always odd for me, when someone mentions things I wrote about online (in any format, Twitter or Facebook or blog) in real life to me. A large part of the time I forget what I’ve said because it’s usually random thoughts and musings, so there’s a brief moment of me wondering what this person is talking about. Then I wonder if they’re stalking me (I know they’re not… I think).

Apart from the weirdness, I worry that people will think what I write is directly meant for them or about them. Usually it’s not, so it gets extra awkward when people assume it is. My ideas for posts usually come from life, things I see or hear and perhaps interactions with others, but I prefer not to be passive aggressive here.

The whole idea of a blog being an online journal and journals are meant to be an arena to spill thoughts and ideas, personal or not. Maybe sometimes it gets too personal and I certainly know I’m guilty for it. This either makes a great blog or can be a little overwhelming.

I love to check out other people’s blogs, both people I know but mostly those that I don’t. It’s probably because I like the look into someone’s life, for the voyeur in me. It can odd sometimes to read the people I know, like too much information for me to process or makes me look at them in different ways. Or I’m afraid I’ll turn into the person that mentions something in conversation that was read online, then I’m the weird one.

I always wonder how to walk that fine line of the blogosphere, do I write without a care and perhaps hurting people that take it personally or do I hold back?


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