Things to be thankful for…

Happy Thanksgiving! That is if you’re Canadian, if you’re American you can save this post until the end of November. If you’re not from either of those countries, just practice being thankful for things because that should happen regardless of the time or year or whether it’s mandated.

Here’s a few things I’m thankful for this year…

– I live here. Not exactly in the spot this was taken, because this was taken on Habitat Island where no one lives (to my knowledge, although I may move there if I ever find myself homeless. Seems like a pretty place to be homeless). But aside from the high cost of living and some snobbery among the people, I live in a damn beautiful place. I do not take it for granted

– My family who have helped me out so much during this past year of turmoil and unemployment. They’re just all around awesome people

– Friends who love me and accept me as I am, because I’m getting too old to change. And who are also poor like me

– Apple season. Honeycrisp and gala are the greatest things about this time of year.

– A job. Not only a job but a place where I really like the people, the CEO and management, the company and what they stand for

– Vancouver is having an exceptional fall, it’s actually summer-esque. That photo above was taken just last weekend. I’m a sweater, boots, rain and cold kinda girl, but I’m soaking up all this fall sunshine and heat

– Being motivated and inspired, being without a job and staying at home so much I was unmotivated but my motivation to get things done has come back

Share what you’re thankful for in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving!


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