White Noise

I’ve never been able to fall asleep when it’s silent.

When I was younger I’d always listen to the radio as I fell asleep. In university I lived above a busy intersection in Vancouver and loved the noise of the people yelling on the street or the sound from the crosswalk beeping.

My favorite sound to fall asleep to is the rain. I guess being a Vancouverite I’m just used to it. Living in the suburbs now I don’t get much noise outside my windows (which I always leave open, even in the middle of winter, because I need the cold blowing in while I sleep under my comforter). A while back I was searching the free apps in the iTunes store and discovered a White Noise app by TM Soft. They have two versions, the lite (free) and full (I think $1.99 or $0.99) and I’ve become obsessed with listening to it as I fall asleep.

The best sounds are the rain sounds, but I like the beach noises too. Hate the rainforest ones, I don’t need weird animals calling at random intervals and waking me up.

Yesterday I discovered my favorite sound ever in the store… rain on a tent. Reminds me of camping as a kid, when my brother and I would sleep in the tent over May long weekend as it poured rain in the Okanagan and my parents slept in our Get-A-Way van. The sound of rain on tents or tarps is like heaven to me.


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