I’m an adult

Today I was talking to a friend about how I recently finished my probation period at work and now have extended medical.

Like most people, I’ve taken the opportunity to take advantage of everything I can, including some things that I may have neglected during my unemployed (read: broke) period. Namely dental and eye care.

Here’s how I explained how I booked these doctor’s appointments to a friend:

“I made my optometrist appointment for a week and a half from now. I’ll wear my glasses every day until then so any gross stuff lingering on my eyes from my contacts will be gone by then. My dentist appointment is a month away, this way I can start flossing from now until then and fool them into thinking I’m a super-vigilant flosser.”

Please do not question this logic. It makes perfect sense in my brain. And I have proof from my last visit with the dentist that this works.

As for the idea that maybe I should just keep flossing after the visit, past experience tells me that this is not likely to happen.


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