Sometimes people are assholes.

Having work in customer service for so long you’d think it would be hard to shock me, but it happens all the time. I’m constantly amazed at the way people will treat another human being in order to get what they want regardless of whether it makes sense or not. Or how we treat people for no reason.

Today I happened upon a tweet by The Province that was asking people in customer service to share their worst experiences as someone who works in customer service. I like when news sources crowd source their stories through social media, it gives everyone the option to participate and give their stories. Even if I’m not going to read the story that comes of it, I’m always happy to read the retweeted answers.

When The Province put out their tweet today I responded with the first two horrible customer service stories I had, in my brief 140 character tweet I simply said that I had once been called a dumbass and on another occasion a racist (in 2 different jobs) for enforcing company policy. I sent the tweet and didn’t think much of it, I checked my feed a bit later and noticed I had gotten a response. One was a retweet by The Province and another was this classy reply.


Apparently this dude, Anthony Di’Amonte (aka DirtyBoss13), decided that I was deserving of his one and only tweet. He has been online since January and decided today was the day he would make his first tweet and it would be to me, someone he doesn’t know or follow, to be mean for no reason.

Did it hurt my feelings? No. The guy doesn’t even have the balls to put his own picture in his profile, which is the most pathetic type of person on social media to. He follows various hockey twitter accounts, like Don Cherry and the Canadiens. His first follow was Billy Talent and has only one follower.

So no, his sad little existence does not hurt my feelings.

After receiving that tweet I reported him for spam, which is basically just blocking him since they don’t shut down accounts unless there have been a few reports.

The only thing I felt was sad that people like this exist. People that need to take a minute out of their day to be an asshole to someone else all because of the anonymity they have online hiding behind a picture of a billiard ball. Or cartoon character. Or whatever.

I’m an adult, I can handle someone else and their stupid need to be an asshole to feel good about themselves. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a teenager nowadays, hopefully assholes like Anthony Di’Amonte (aka “DevilBoss13”) don’t pick on kids, but I’m kidding myself if I actually believed this.

The takeaway here? Go out and be nice to people. Speak nicely to whomever you deal with in customer service, even if they’re not telling you what you want to hear (they’re far more likely to give you what you want, even if it’s not everything). Go have meaningful and interesting conversations online, don’t abuse the medium that I love so much, instead contribute to something that could really impact someone.

And put your picture on your social media profile, don’t be a coward.

Most of all, don’t be an asshole.


Nobody can be that excited

I really hate the exclamation point.

Actually, I don’t hate the exclamation point, but the people who use it way too much.

I see people on Twitter or Facebook overusing it way too much…

Me and my girls are going out for dinner!!! Then to see Pitch Perfect! I love Rebel Wilson!!!

I just had the most amazing glass of wine!!! I may be bad and have another glass!!! Don’t tell my boss!

I wish I was exaggerating.

No one can be that excited about movies or wine. Do people not read this to themselves and realize that the exclamation points are completely wrong?

The worst is on Twitter when someone would rather commit some other punctuation or spelling sin so they can make sure they have !!

OMG!! My boyfriend just came home & bought me roses!! Have the best boyfriend eva!!! I luv u so much Joe!! Girls keep ur hands off of him!!

The exclamation point has a time and place. To show strong feelings towards something, usually happiness and anger. It can also show shouting. Here’s what Wikipedia had to say about it:

A sentence ending in an exclamation mark may be an exclamation (such as “Wow!”, “Boo!”), or an imperative (“Stop!”), or may indicate astonishment: “They were the footprints of a gigantic duck!” Exclamation marks are occasionally placed mid-sentence with a function similar to a comma, for dramatic effect, although this usage is obsolescent: “On the walk, oh! there was a frightful noise.”

Informally, exclamation marks may be repeated for additional emphasis (“That’s great!!!”), but this practice is generally considered unacceptable in formal prose.

There is no need to abuse the exclamation point!

(properly used exclamation point)

My time online

I spend a lot of my day online.

Job hunting. Networking. Reading news. Watching videos.

Some of it is slacking off or reading gossip, but a lot of it is used to get me out of this unemployed period of my life. I generally like to keep regular work hours, during the day I try to keep my online activities as job-hunting related and my gossip reading and other stupid website searching is done in the evening.

This leads to me spending a lot of time in front of a computer or on my iPad or iPhone.

I feel like this is the way my generation is, we don’t care much for television since it’s no longer “appointment” viewing, we can DVR episodes or find them online. We connect with the world on our devices.

I get really frustrated when people take issue with people who are on their computers/tablets/phones all the time. Speaking for myself, but knowing a lot of my friends feel this way, we’re not rude about it. If I’m at dinner or in a one-on-one conversation with someone I’m not going to pull out my phone and check tweets. I generally keep it as a rule to do it when there’s nothing happening or the other person is concentrating on another task.

My parents often tell me “you’re addicted” to whatever device I’m on, while we’re not conversing or doing anything that even necessarily makes me need to be completely present. I, like many others, have the ability to do whatever I’m doing online and keep up with whatever is (not) happening offline.

I recently tweeted something about not getting much accomplished in the 5 hours I was online that day except for that tweet. It wasn’t to say I did nothing but looked at videos of animals or that I had gotten lost in a world of StumbleUpon, I had meant that for all that I was researching and writing and the resumes I submitted, I felt like I still wasn’t any further in my search for work or any of the other 100 things on my To Do list.

I’ve tried to stay positive but some days it’s harder than others. I guess today was one of those days.

Having said that, it’s extremely annoying to have people respond to your annoyance online and in real life with comments like “it must be nice” or “I’d like to live your life for awhile” and etc. Yes, I am lucky in the way that I can live at home with very little cost to myself. But debt, bills and a very, very little budget isn’t the easiest to live with.

Neither is having no social life. Or much to do outside of the walls of your house. Sure I go to the gym, walk the dog and see friends, but sometimes you do actually miss getting up and getting ready for a job or doing actual things with friends..

I know, I know… you feel bad for the poor girl who can’t afford to go out with friends while others are living on the cold streets. I don’t want to get started on that because that’s an argument that no one can win. I’m just saying that I’m at an age where I should be able to afford a night out and I shouldn’t feel the need to budget for a cup of coffee so I can get out and gossip with my friends.

I’m not writing this to complain or make people feel sorry for me. I’m just saying we all have our crap to deal with and I’d really prefer if we all started thinking about others intentions before we jump to the conclusion that we’re living an easy life.

Twitter pet peeves

Of all the social networks, Twitter is my favorite. Like most other things, I do have some pet peeves with the site’s users. Here they are:

  • People who complain all the time. Everyone uses Twitter to complain from time to time, but if your timeline is filled only with complaints it’s time to re-evaluate your Twitter use.
  • Stick to the 140 character rule. You’re given a limited amount of space for a reason, try not to pull a Kanye and stick to that rule. If what you have to say spans more than 2 tweets then take it to Facebook or start a blog.
  • You can’t hide people’s tweets. Your only two options are to follow or unfollow. Sometimes I follow people I know but lose interest in their tweets (mainly for the problems outlined here) but I don’t want to insult them by unfollowing.
  • Hashtag misuse. Throwing them in the middle of your tweet as part of the sentence, using them too much, letting them take up half of your tweet… these things hurt people’s eyes. They should be the punchline to your joke or used categorize your tweet.
  • Bad spelling and grammar. I get the need to shorten words to make it short enough for the 140 limit but if you’re still way under the limit or just using the wrong form of their/there/they’re, to/too, your/you’re that’s just disrespectful to the English language. If you need help, check out my favorite infographic
  • Celebrities that retweet tweets from fans that simply say “PLS RETWEET!! It’s all I’ve ever wanted from you” or “Please retweet if you love your fans in Brasil” or various parents of kids that believe a retweet from a d-list celebrity will cure their kid’s cancer. If you’re a celeb and want to communicate with your fans that’s wonderful, I just wish you’d reply to them so it doesn’t clog my timeline.
  • Spam. There seems to be so much more of it lately.

Is there any Twitter pet peeves I’m missing here?