Pins I’ve Pinned


The other day a male coworker saw that I was on Pinterest and asked me what it was all about. He had heard of it, but being a guy hadn’t tried it out since it tends to be geared towards the ladies.

I proceeded to go to my page and immediately realized how stupid the whole thing was.

I tend to go through phases, I’ll pin a lot and then I’ll only browse the site every other week. I mainly do it if I’m bored at work and there’s nothing happening on Twitter, Buzzfeed or Facebook. This was the first time I tried to explain to someone else what the whole purpose was and I couldn’t really justify spending time collecting all of these pins.

It’s almost the same as cultivating a beautiful vegetable garden on Farmville and never reaping the benefits of the onions, peppers or pumpkins I’ve grown (I have a recipe pinned that could use all of those ingredients!).

I’ve pinned a lot of stuff, but most of it I will never use or own. I have about 35 boards on Pinterest, many of them for clothes I’ll never afford or shoes that would cost a couple months rent. Sure it’s nice to look at the pretty things, but I felt ridiculous trying to explain the point to my coworker because it’s not like I sit and stare at my previous pins of gowns and coats. I pin them and never look back.

Crafts are another thing I tend to pin, sometimes I’ll buy the supplies to do them, and then I lose interest or attempt them and fail. Or I wont read the instructions upon pinning them and then when I do right before I attempt to do it I know that I would never be able to execute all 37 steps.

That’s not to say I haven’t pinned things that have come in handy, it’s just hard to explain why I need to pin inspirational quotes or nail art. I love my board with hair inspiration, on bad hair days that would normally call for my hair to be piled into a messy bun I’ve found some great ideas for cute updos that get compliments from others. When I went in to change my hair up in December I look through and pinned many (many) Alexa Chung photos for inspiration of my long ombre-bob.¬† And when I moved into my new place and wanted to get rid of the dirty white walls it was Pinterest that inspired me to choose a greyish-blue hue that I love.

What I’ve really found to be the best pins are the recipes and household hints. Anytime I’m find a recipe that this picky person thinks she would like I pin it and then later when I’m looking for dinner ideas I have helpful photos to remind me. In the past I’ve tried keeping a folder in my bookmarks for recipes, but I think it’s the visual on Pinterest that draws me in.

One of the most recent Pins that I’ve found most useful is the one for spinach ice cubes. I tend to buy my spinach in bags or plastic containers and although I’ll try to add it to everything (mostly shakes though) I always end up with too much and have to throw some out when it goes bad.

Not anymore.


The other day I found this just as my latest spinach purchase was about to expire, so I got out my blender and froze them into ice cube trays. Use them for smoothies as you would your frozen berries or ice cubes.

Other things I’ve Pinned and enjoyed include:

I mean, clearly the website has it’s purpose, it’s just a purpose that is hard to justify or explain. Or maybe I shouldn’t have to explain what makes me happy to a boy who just wont get it.

Leave your comment: After 1+ years in existence, does Pinterest still appeal to you? What’s your favourite things to pin? What’s your Pinterest page?

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