I have no idea what is wrong with me

Every year at this time my face starts to freak out. The cold weather and wind cause my skin to get super dry, and I’m sure while many people have this problem I feel like it comes at me much worse. Because I have eczema and/or psoriasis (no doctor/dermatologist/random person I beg for answers has been able to tell me which it is) it’s really bad in this weather and over the past few years has begun to show itself on my face.

In previous years I have tried every product, home remedy and magic trick to try to get rid of this horrible rash-like thing on my face but it’s hard to find anything that works. I’ve found a few things that help and I thought I’d share because all jokes aside, having this freaky rash-thing on your face is not only embarrassing, it’s painful (I have troubled skin elsewhere on my body, but this is the most painful and obviously embarrassing).

Obviously, flaking the dry skin or scratching doesn’t help with anything. So don’t do that. And once you’re able to figure out how not to do that, tell me what to do.

Last year I was super desperate by April. Usually this flares up in December/January and keeps going, even after the cold weather is gone, until I figure out some magic potion to get rid of it. On the recommendation of a friend I read the book Wheat Belly. Let me start off by saying, I do not think I have a wheat allergy. I believe there are people who do have wheat allergies and they have been diagnosed as Celiacs. I have friends who are Celiacs. It sucks and they think people who don’t have wheat allergies are insane for cutting it out of their diet. But I was desperate, so for about two months I cut it out of my diet. And it sucked.

I’ve never detoxed off of drugs but I’m pretty sure detoxing off of wheat is a version of that kind of hell. I persevered and noticed over time my face and body eczema/psoriasis got better. Then it went away. And it was lovely.

I started adding wheat back to my diet and it didn’t come back. Using my highly educated in medicine brain I deduced that the wheat was not causing this face thing, but maybe contributed. I don’t know, there were probably other factors at play.

So now since my face is being an asshole again (not as bad as before, knock on wood) I’m cutting back on wheat again, but not completely. And I’m drinking a lot of water, as I usually do. I’ve also discovered a few other tricks, such as aspirin. I had read that crushing up aspirin, mixing it with water and putting it on your face was good for pimples and other skin ailments, so I thought I’d give it a shot. And it helps. So much. It not only helps with the pain (because this shit is painful, I cannot exercise because sweat aggravates it and makes it worse because it’s essentially open wounds on my face… I really make myself sound attractive, eh?… crying also causes pain around my eyes. Not that I’m sobbing myself to sleep but even my eyes watering because of the cold or putting in my contact lenses hurts because of the solution). So I put aspirin on my face every other day and it helps with redness and pain. It also helps heal faster.

I’ve tried three and a half million moisturizing different products. No lie. Oil of Olay Regenerist line is what’s working for me right now. Though it can change without warning, a product will be awesome (I was loving Philosophy’s Keep the Peace last year, my face now hates it) and then all the sudden cause my skin to get worse. Natural oils and even Vaseline are my go-to’s that never fail. I was using almond oil bought from Choices until recently (I ran out and haven’t had time to buy more), but recently read that most natural oils will help, so the other day I reached for the extra virgin olive oil and it has proved to be very moisturizing and soothing. I also smell Italian, so its been nice to get back to my roots.

A word about the Vaseline though, do not get that shit in your eyes. I repeat: Do. Not. Get. That. Shit. In. Your. Eyes. Especially if you apply before bed. You will wake up with eyes so swollen you’ll think that Chris Brown beat you in your sleep.

I’m sure this post is probably not of interest to most people, but I wanted to share because I’ve had my moments of desperately trolling the internet for some… ANY… reprieve or cure from this. It’s 25% for vanity reasons, because make up only aggravates and flakes off, but the other 75% is the pain and hopelessness it brings. There were plenty of tears of frustration spilled over the years, which as I mentioned before, only worsens the problem.

So if you’re dealing with similar problems, I hope this helps and please leave your best tips and tricks in the comments.